BIOHOME Ultra is a larger size pellet which is ideal for larger filters and sump filters. It is extremely porous in structure and is very effective in colonization of beneficial bacteria. These are hallmarks of all BIOHOME products and used correctly BIOHOME Ultra will outperform all other media in the removal of Ammonia and Nitrite and even Nitrate.

For the reduction of Nitrate, BIOHOME promotes denitrifying (anaerobic) bacteria to grow within it’s unique structure. It is this bacteria that reduces Nitrates. To achieve Nitrate reduction we recommend at least 1-2kg of BIOHOME per 100 litres of water. Amazing results have been seen in the reduction of Nitrates within 4-6 months of using BIOHOME in a filter.

The removal of Ammonia and Nitrite can be achieved much sooner with results seen in 3-4 weeks. This is because BIOHOME also allows nitrifying (aerobic) bacteria to grow very quickly. It is this nitrifying (aerobic) bacteria that eliminates dangerous Ammonia and Nitrite levels.

Beneficial bacteria colonizes very quickly in BIOHOME Ultra due to its high porosity. It also recovers very quickly from the use of medications and can easily be transferred from one system to another.

Due to BIOHOME being a highly effective biological filter media, good mechanical filtration (ie sponges, poly fibre, filter socks etc) must be provided prior to water  passing through the BIOHOME bio filter media to eliminate clogging of the system.

Manufactured from industrial grade materials, BIOHOME Ultra will offer a long working life. BIOHOME Ultra is available in 2kg, 3kg, 5kg and 10kg sizes.

1 kg of BIOHOME Ultra = Approximately 1.2 litres in volume.

Extremely High Specific Surface Area is: 560 m2 per kg

Very High Porosity = 40.5%